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Weekend Shopping

Hello My Fashionable Readers!

Fashion overload on the grid as we get closer to the holiday season. I won’t mention all of the hunts, but I will remind you that Ivalde is once again doing its advent calendar. Be sure to stop by daily for your free holiday gift! R. Icielli is having a quick, 20L “red” sale. But it’s just until December 7th so fight the lag and head on over. Disco Deals had some great items available for a 24-hour period.  I nabbed the Dark Mouse necklace and the lovely holiday gown from Snatch. If you missed it, be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next one. Last but not least, House of Hucci released a lovely jumpsuit which is just about as perfect as you can get. I ❤ it! Take a peek at my shopping weekend!

Hair by CheerNo | Jumpsuit by House of Hucci (NEW) | Boots by Maitreya | Earrings by Mandala | Skin by dekade | Eye Makeup by Glamorize
Hair by Inka | Dress by Ivalde (Advent Calendar Gift) | Shoes by Kookie | Necklace by Dark Mouse (Disco Deals) | Skin by Rockberry (Peace on Earth Gift) | Lipstick by Kiko Life
Hair by CheerNo | Jumpsuit by R. Icielli (20L sale) | Earrings by Chuculet | Necklace by Kess Kreations (now Maio) | Skin by Cupcakes | Manicure by Mandala
Hair by Bish Wear | Dress by Snatch (Disco Deals) | Skin by Shapes by Kira | Jewels by Ala Mood
Hair by MrS | Hat and Sweater by R. Icielli (20L sale) | Pants by Skin Flicks | Shoes by Nardcotix | Skin by INka | Lipstick by Glamorize
Hair by Bish Wear | Dress by DCNY (Lucky Chair) | Skin by Glamorize | Makeup by Kiko Life