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Lumae Is Back!

Lumae is back with brand new skins and more tones! Debuting at Skin Fair is the Eirtae base/bare skin. Ten skin tones in all, including darker tones Java and Carob. Can you guess where they are in the pic below?

Customers will love all the new extras that are included with each skin purchase: like Leevi Ears and Soul Ear appliers. Of course, all the options you have come to expect from Lumae are still included such as head, body and mouth appliers.

Lumae @ Skin Fair

Eirtae will be half price at 425L during Skin Fair and then will return to the general price of 850L. So if you want to get your hands on the newest skins from Lumae, this is the best time to do so!

Skin Fair is open until March 27.  Don’t wait too long to visit and to see the new Lumae skins!

Teleport to Skin Fair.


  • hair – top shelf, dark browns by analog dog
  • hair base – base art, trap base by besom
  • skin – eirtae (from l-r: mocha, java, carob and nutmeg) by lumae 
  • clothing – francine dress (for physique) by [hh]
  • choker – kle choker gold by ryca
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Blue Fox


blue paper

  • hair: helena by [moda]
  • hair base: next gen hair base by iconic couture
  • skin: nadine v2, hot chocolate by deesses (new, available at skin fair)
  • makeup: coromandel lipstick, dark set by deesses (new, available at skin fair)
  • top: sadie, blue by paperbag
  • skirt: rocket skirt by paperbag
  • shoes: imias sandal by hucci (new, available at uber)
  • necklace: 24k latvian necklace gold by b e a u p a r l a n t
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Olivia, Without the Pope

Fission continues on the retro train with the Olivia dress.

Olivia is an over-the-knee pencil dress featuring a peter pan collar. It comes in four colors– beige, blue, pink and red– and in standard mesh sizes. Below I am wearing the beige in XL.

fission olivia2

Olivia retails for 99L. Demos are available. Visit Fission.


  • hair: veronica by wasabi pills
  • skin: satine skin, cafe by joli (available now at skin fair)
  • shoes: gloria heels, ghost by fri. (compatible with slink high mesh feet only)
  • earrings: flower metamorphosis by lagyo (sold at designer united #4, 2010)
  • mesh attachment: slink mesh hands, elegant and slink high mesh feet
  • garvagh stool II by theosophy
  • quadro fireplace and plant by [aria]
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Sophisticated Lady

Nadine and Keren meet


  • hair: michelle, black by runaway
  • skin: nadine v2, hot chocolate by deesses (*available at skin fair*)
  • makeup: nadine (original) eye shadow #3 / nadine v2 lipstick le sensuelle (*available at skin fair*) by deesses
  • earrings: golden chandeliers by meghindo’s
  • dress: keren belted dress by hilly haalan
  • shoes: metal head heels, black by 1992/ninteen92
  • mesh attachments: slink mesh physique v2, slink elegant hands 1
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So Much Skin, So Little Time

Skin Fair is underway and the sims (yes, there are two this year) are steadily packed. That’s good for business and for all the incredibly talented skin makers!

If you are wondering which booths to check out, remember I have blogged a few. So review these posts, make your lists and head on over to Skin Fair!

Meghindo’s: Lori and Ariana skins.

Zoul Creations: Gina and Della skins.

AlaskaMetro: release of V2 skins, including Cacao and Bronze.

Joli: Justine and Satine skins.

Lumae: Jewel in Apricot, Bare and Ruby.

Deesses: Nadine V2 skin.

Slack Girl: exclusive eye makeups.

Covering two sims, Skin Fair runs through Sunday, March 29. Over 120 of your favorite designers have made new and exclusive skins, makeups, tattoos, and mesh body parts just for you.

Teleport to Sim 1:
Teleport to Sim 2:

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Lumae Release Crown “Jewel” @ Skin Fair 2015

During Skin Fair, Lumae is launching the exclusive release of its next generation skins. Welcome the lovely Jewel!

This skin retails for 825L per skin; but will be priced with a whopping 50% discount for the duration of Skin Fair.  Now is the perfect time to try a new look from Lumae!

lumae jewel bare
Jewel in Bare. (L-R): Satin, Sable, Peach and Cinnamon. Hair by Catwa. Earrings by Foil. Clothing by 1 Hundred.

All skins are shown on Slink Physique mesh body and with Slink mesh hands. The shapes are my own.

Here is Jewel show in “bare,” which means minimal/no makeup. Perfect for the fashionista that likes to create her own look but wants a great base (aka a beautiful face) as a foundation. In addition to the bare skin, Jewel is also debuting with two new makeups: Apricot and Ruby! See below…

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AlaskaMetro Launches V2 Skins @ Skin Fair 2015

It’s finally here… Skin Fair 2015! Doors are open and the event runs through March 29. I am so excited to see that AlaskaMetro is participating with the release of her updated skins, V2.

The skins– in Ivory, Rose, Bronze and Cacao– are without hair and makeup. Why? So you can customize your skins with the multitude layers of brows, hair bases, makeup, etc. she has available at the Fair and on the marketplace. Skins come with freckled and non-freckled versions and full appliers for Slink, the Omega System, #themeshproject and Loudmouth.

alaskamero skin fair a
Cacao (l) and Bronze (r). Hairs by vive9. Physique mesh body by Slink. Earrings/bodysuit by AlaskaMetro.

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Zoul Creations | Skin Fair 2015

If you’re a regular reader/follower of my blog, you can probably name the skins I wear. So it is a real treat for me to blog a skin/skin maker that is somewhat new to me (but not new to the grid).

With early access to Skin Fair 2015, I strolled the shops and came across Zoul Creations. I contacted the owner, Shanita Soulstar, and was able to secure review copies of her two Skin Fair exclusive skins– Della and Gina.

Aren’t these skins just delicious? They just draw you in and are visually stunning. Like most of my photos, especially skin shots, there was no post processing done. What you see is what you get– pure beauty!

zoul skin fair A
On the left: Gina by Zoul Creations. On the right: Della by Zoul Creations. Exclusives at Skin Fair 2015.

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Deesses will be one of over 100 skillful and artful skin designers at this year’s Skin Fair! Look for two new skins exclusive to the event, Stacey and Nadine V2, which I am wearing below. You can view the original Nadine skin here.

According to Natalie Wells, the owner of Deesses, her skins are optimized for high quality and performance regardless if you wear a mesh head or not. On her Flickr page, Natalie wrote, “Our 2 new skins, which have got an extremely high-quality just as the mesh heads, but the customize options that our skins can give you are unlimited. AND… they are much cheaper.” Such a beautiful face makes it hard to disagree!

skin fair deesses1
Nadine V2, with blonde eyebrows

Deesses is promoting the beauty of skins (and the HARD work and art of skin making) with the hashtag #WhoNeedsMeshHeads. Although mesh bodies, heads and attachments are awesome features, let’s not forget what makes us all unique. Our choice of skin(s) really makes our avatars come to life and ensures we all look just a bit different from the next pixelated body we pass on the grid. Show your support and let everyone know that skins still matter.

Be sure to check out Deesses at Skin Fair.

Learn more about Skin Fair 2015 | Check out the Skin Fair 2015 Flickr Pool for more previews

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Pick Up The Slack @ Skin Fair 2015

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must know that Skin Fair 2015 is only 3 days away. For those of you in the market for a new skin, you will be in shopping nirvana. But what about the folks who aren’t looking for a new skin? Can they have fun at Skin Fair?

The answer is YES, especially if they stop by the SlackGirl shop. Lots of pretty cosmetics to play with– lipsticks, eye shadows, makeup appliers and more.

With thanks to SlackGirl’s owner, Slackgirl Vanessa, I can share her three Skin Fair exclusives with you ahead of time. Three lovely eye shadow packs featuring vivid colors and bold combinations that really make your eyes the center of attention. These eye shadows are available on tattoo layer and include appliers for TMP only.

Get your linden’s ready; you’re gonna want them all!

slack girl c


slack girl A


slack girl b
Learn more about Skin Fair 2015 | Check out the Skin Fair 2015 Flickr Pool for more previews

credits: la tortura hair and next gen hair base by iconic couture | molten chocolate eyes by poetic colors | sharon (bare), mocho choco by pink acid | lashes #37 by tameless | mix top by gato | diamond square platinum earrings by ryca