winter trace

Looking for a beautiful winter sim for photos and/or fun? Check out this blog post from Kate Bergdorf about her recent exploration to Winter Trace.

The Bergdorf Reports


The Winter Trace sim, by renowned landscaper and decorater team Kylie Jaxxon and Elvira Kytori, is now open. It was fun visiting today, bumping into many Flickr photographers who most I assume were there for the same reason that I was, namely to take photos. There was actually a kind of tangible excitement in the air, at least I thought so! Some of us were not at all dressed for the cold weather and zoomed home and put on proper attire and then returned, inspired. A gentle but steady snowfall falls over hills and valleys here, covering roof tops and trees with a gentle layer of snow. The trademark Trace sim combination of various kinds of grass, trees and other kinds of vegetation mix beautifully here with fabulous builds. There are of course plenty of poses to use here too. Head over and take a look, enjoy and make sure to…

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