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The Aloha Fair II

Although I blogged the Vanity Hair–Waimea– which is sold at Aloha Fair, I didn’t see much coverage about the event in general. If you’re looking for more info or a peek into what the event has to offer, check out Moni’s post.

Moni's World

Hey guys! I decided to do coverage on a huge event because I saw that no one has really did much coverage on this event. Aloha Fair II started on July 27th, and will end on August 10th. More information can be found here.

I counted 90 booths on the sim, and 81 stores present at the Aloha Fair. Some booths were just empty, and some had the store name, but nothing was in there. So if you see a store on the legend, but not in the gallery, that means the store had nothing in there. Every store booth has a gift – either free or 1 L. I did not cover those here, but I’m sure others have mentioned some of the gifts. There are also gachas on the sim as well.

I do have to warn you that you are not able to fly while here…

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