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AlaskaMetro Launches V2 Skins @ Skin Fair 2015

It’s finally here… Skin Fair 2015! Doors are open and the event runs through March 29. I am so excited to see that AlaskaMetro is participating with the release of her updated skins, V2.

The skins– in Ivory, Rose, Bronze and Cacao– are without hair and makeup. Why? So you can customize your skins with the multitude layers of brows, hair bases, makeup, etc. she has available at the Fair and on the marketplace. Skins come with freckled and non-freckled versions and full appliers for Slink, the Omega System, #themeshproject and Loudmouth.

alaskamero skin fair a
Cacao (l) and Bronze (r). Hairs by vive9. Physique mesh body by Slink. Earrings/bodysuit by AlaskaMetro.

Included with the each skin is a boxed makeup kit, with over 45 makeup options– such as cheeks, eyes and lips– and a nail polish pack with appliers for Slink, Omega, Eve and Maitreya. Everything you need to make your new skin unique to YOU! Classic avatars fret not; there are tattoo layers with various combinations just for you as well.

The Rose, Bronze and Cacao skin tones are EXCLUSIVE to Skin Fair until it ends. However, the Ivory tone will be on the Marketplace soon, so be on the lookout for it!

Priced at 250L, these skins are must have, esp. for the massive level of customization and looks you can get. All of AlaskaMetro’s skins are “handdrawn with love” and present a very unique look on your avatar.

􀀄If you love Alaska’s famous makeups, she has three exclusive packs available at Skin Fair: LiquidShine, Cleo and SmokeShow. Each pack includes 6 colors and includes tattoo layers for Classic avatars, #themeshproject installers, Slink Visage applier, Omega applier (works with Sweet Lips if you get the kit), and Loudmouth where applicable. Testers are available for free.  25L each exclusive makeup pack.

If you need eyebrows for your new skin, Alaska has them right there.  A brow pack includes three shapes, a hair base and two vajayjay options. There are appliers for Slink, Omega and #themeshproject. There are tattoo layers with various combinations for Classic avatars. Six colors available and “Soot” is a free version to test them out. 25L each brow pack.

So much to explore in the AlaskaMetro shop @ Skin Fair. Be sure to add them to your shopping list!

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