Getting more out of Flickr – Part III

Be sure to check out parts one and two of this series on using Flickr.

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Flickr-time again, after Part I and Part II, this will be the last blogpost in my series of ‘How to get more out of Flickr’, unless of course things change, questions arise and there is need to explain some more,  I may come back with another Flickr-related article. Which leads me to a different subject without trying to sound arrogant: thanks  for all the input and feedback I have received in private messages! It is of course always possible to directly comment to a post on a blogpost as this, but for all kinds of reasons people find it easier or more comfortable to do it out of the public. I will come back to ‘commenting on blogs and why it is not a bad thing’ in an article in the future, this post will cover  Flickr “groups” – or communities, captions/titles of your images and how to block unwanted…

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