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It’s My Body, Right?

Time for some real talk. A real, long talk…

I am probably one of the last people in SL to look at a mesh body. Seriously. It took me forever to get mesh feet. I still refuse to get a mesh head or even mesh hands.

Call me a late adopter. But hey, I can’t run out and buy every new thing that comes along. Contrary to belief, my SL is self-supported. I refuse to go bankrupt buying every mesh part created. Besides, many of these items are not widely supported and its hard to find good creators that will support every new thing. Some will; but a lot won’t. At least not right away.

But with all that said, I was interested in learning more about the mesh body. Being a curvy girl, I wondered if a mesh body would give my avatar the roundness, softness and fullness I always wanted. After multiple tries, I finally made my way into The Shops and got the mesh body. I opened it (once), put it on and really was not wowed.

I didn’t think about mesh bodies again until my good friend Tomi told me to demo the Lena Lush from Kitties Lair. You can learn more about the Lena Lush mesh body here.  After trying the demo and fooling around with the options, I went ahead and bit the bullet.

lena taal

I do like the fact that the ‘universal’ Omega applier system works with the Lena Lush. I know a variety of designers use the Omega appliers, including several of my fave skin designers, which has made selecting and wearing my favorite skins a breeze. I made three different shapes to wear with the Lena, as I had to make serious adjustments to make my shape look normal. Not 100% happy with any of them , so consider them a work in progress.

Now here comes the downside. I had so much trouble trying to get my Lena Lush shape the way I wanted it, not to mention the issues with the alpha layers. As others have mentioned, the areas of the forearms and lower legs are super skinny and its really stark/obvious when you compare those areas to the upper arms and thigh areas. If you have a work around, especially for a curvy gurl like me, then holla at your girl!

The alphas were just as difficult to work with. While the ‘exact’ layer worked for most of my body, there was a break in the alpha just above my wrist. Like my hands were cut off from the rest of my body. I found no way to remedy this except to wear the ‘overlap’ layer. But when applied, the layer made my skin warp. I call them arm wings, lol. The only way I could get rid of it was to decrease all the things that make me curvy–body fat, muscle, even thickness. No bueno for the kid. Anyone have any good suggestions or tips on how to fix this?

Overall, I do like this particular mesh body. It clearly gives curves and plushness, which I have always sought to express in my avatar. However, I am not 100% ready to embrace the mesh body (in general). As a blogger, I like to show a variety of looks from the current to the nostalgic. The mesh body really limits the clothing and skins I can wear. As such, I am sticking to my standard SL avatar and few mesh attachments. That may make me a little bit behind the times, but I will be comfortable in my SL skin.