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Give Me Body

Happy Monday to my wonderful readers!

If you are a member of {Meghindo’s} in-world group, be sure to grab the recent gift that was released a week or so ago.   {Meghindo’s} ~ Body Re-Up is a wonderful gift, filled with updated appliers and skin tattoos for all the shades across all the skin lines and will be used in the future for the new {Meghindo’s} skins (coming soon!). This pack comes as an ADD-ON to all your current existing {Meghindo’s} skins.

Now I am not a user of the fake booty or fake boobies. I like my shape as is and really don’t need any enhancements. So I can’t show those upgrades to you. But for those that do use these enhancements, I know you will be pleased.

Now where you will see the difference most is in the body itself.  Check out this “before” and “after” picture.

The “after” look comes from a tattoo layer that simply applies over your current {Meghindo’s} skin. Most obvious in the “after” look is the tummy area which is certainly more defined without being “overly” muscular. Also you will note the chest and neck area has more detailing and nicer shading as well. Even the boobies look more delicious, lol!

The hands, arms and legs/thighs now have some nicer, softer shading creating a more realistic look. Finally you will see (but not shown here) a more lifted backside and I am sure it is much more noticeable for those that wear booty enhancements.


This new body is optimized for the current appliers on the market, the textures are more detailed and some features– such as the cleavages, hands, feet and nails– are optimized to be worn with either prim nails or mesh hands. Also, the four versions of cleavages give you different looks when worn with mesh breast enhancements such as Lolas or Perky breasts.

The “Body Re-Up” package is bursting at the seams so be sure to open it all and use the options that work for your skin tone/s. For every skin tone you get:

  • Body re-up tattoo for all skin options
  • Baby bump re-up applier
  • Brazilia re-up applier
  • Ghetto booty re-up applier
  • Lolas re-up applier
  • Phat azz re-up applier
  • SLink hand/ feet re-up appliers

Just amazing that {Meghindo’s} loves her group enough to provide these updates for FREE! I mean with so many other vendors charging for these appliers, its good to know that for the {Meghindo’s} lady that invests in a good quality skin, she has the needed appliers to rock her SLink created fashions and additional body attachments. A lot of hard work went into this, so thank you Megs for always taking care of your customers!

Oh and stay tuned… more goodness (and new stuff) from {Meghindo’s} is on the way to the main store soon. Trust me, you’re gonna love everything!

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