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Sexy, Flirty Hair from Iconic Couture

Just when we thought Ms. Niu was sleeping on the job… BAM! She gives us a double whammy. A new release (limited edition) and a group gift. YAY!!!

Check out Rebel, she is on the left and is the limited edition hair. Riot is on the right and she is the members only, group gift.  Since Rebel is a limited edition, you better run on down to the main store like NOW. She might be sold out, but for your sake I hope not!

Take my advice. If you want to be the first to know about new releases, especially the limited edition hairstyles like Rebel, then you must join the Iconic Couture group.  That way you never miss out on the sexiest hairs on the grid. Get going!


hairs by Iconic Couture
dress by House of Hucci
shoes (Arcade Gatcha) by House of Hucci
skins by Deesse’s (left) and Meghindo’s (right)
Makeup by Deesse’s (left) and Pink Acid (right)
Necklace by glow
Earrings by Meghindo’s