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Hair Fair 2012: Iconic Couture (Part I)

Iconic Couture has released four new hairs for Hair Fair. All of them are must haves yet each of them have their own personality. Let’s check out two of the hairs which can be found at the 2012 Hair Fair!

Shake Things Up

You want to cause a ruckus and make them all green with envy? Then Commotion is for you. It is long, flowy with a massive swept to the side look. This hair exudes a subtle sexiness and feeling of wanton. You will leave everyone breathless.

Young and Free

If you want a care-free, effortless look, then you must get Rumor. Long, wavy hair that falls right below the shoulders and appears slightly tousled. This hair style has sophistication without being over-styled.  Simplicity breeds perfection!

Two more hairs to show you in a lil bit… but for now make your way on over the Hair Fair 2012 and check out Iconic Couture. Iconic Hair is on the Flower Sim. You can get there by using the following link:

CREDITS: All clothing and shoes by Meghindo’s | All skin by Meghindo’s | All makeup by mock cosmetics | All hair by Iconic Couture (Hair Fair 2012) | Jewels by Ryca and Meghindo’s | Backgrounds by PNP

4 thoughts on “Hair Fair 2012: Iconic Couture (Part I)

  1. Khit…these photos just POP!!! I love the hair! It looks like a scene where you hair would flow just like that! Absolutely awesome!!! Your lashes and makeup are BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE IT!


  2. These 2 hairs, along with Alba, are my favorite ^^ The only thing I wish though is that Rumor and Commotion be made into mesh hairs. Those first 2 photos are gorgeous!


    1. Thank you Monica! I just love the hairs. I am not a Mesh person, so I am content with them as they are but I def. understand where you are coming. I hope you went to HF and checked these out!


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