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Collaborate Well With Others

So for last month’s Collabor88 project, I wasn’t all that thrilled. Not by the theme, which I adored to the max. I was just mad that there were so many mesh items.  I am not a mesh convert. I find that too many of the items deemed ‘XL’ or ‘curvy’ don’t live up to the sizing and don’t really work for my figure. Since many mesh items are not editable, it is somewhat pointless for me to jump on the ‘mesh is great’ bandwagon. So I couldn’t buy as many items as I wanted too– boo hiss!

With all that said, I managed to find a few pieces that played nicely with other items in my wardrobe. Here’s my interpretation of June’s Collabor88 offerings. I look forward to July with crossed fingers– hopefully less mesh so I can spend more linden!

From Collabor88: Fringe Dress by Nylon Outfitters
From Collabor88: Halter Top in Pineapple by The Sea Hole
From Collabor88: Hair by Diva | Fringe Dress, showing just the top by Nylon Outfitters | Shoes by The Sea Hole | Skin by Illusory | Swinging Earrings by Nylon Outfitters- part of the Fringe Dress