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This Ain’t American Idol

I certainly looked like an idol of some sorts, lol. Not sure where the smarmy judges went, but I decided to go ahead and warm up my voice. *loudly and in perfect key– doe-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-doe*


I started to feel the groove. So I let it all hang out. I gave the best audition in the history of all auditions. See me hit that high note!

I was never sure of the voting since the judges never returned. Maybe they got lost along the way since the limos couldn’t drive up to the staging area. Ah well, their loss. Cuz I know I can be the next superstar. Don’t you agree? 😀

Hair by Shag [Project Themeory]
Forever Seen Set by Paperbag [fi*fridays]
Double Layer Boots by Coco
Snookie Shades by Kennedy’s [free]
Double FInger Diamond Ring by Kennedy’s
Skin by The Abyss
Parted Lips by Tuli
Nails by Virtual Insanity [March Gatcha @ Depraved Nation sim]
Microphone (w/poses) by NSA
Backdrop by PNP

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