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Christmas Aint Over Baby

Well everyday feels like Christmas if you are one of the lucky women/fans in the Meghindo’s in-world group. For the next week you can celebrate like its Christmas Day all over again with a box of lovely presents from Meghindo’s to you!


Several of the fantastic ensembles I have previewed and shared on this blog are now available ONLY to group members for this limited time period. Included in the Christmas gift are the following outfits: Dance For You, Black Amor, Rhyna (seen directly below) and the previously released holiday gown Cherry.

Who needs Santa when we have our very own version of Mrs. Claus. Even though Christmas has come and gone you can consider these gifts as great looks for the new year- 2012. A big thank you to Meghindo for showing so much love to your groupies!! Being in the know definitely has it privileges.

I really can’t think of a more generous, fee/paid group in all of SL and I belong to several such groups. Meghindo’s really makes it worth your while to join. Each group gift more than covers the join fee. To make it even sweeter, unlike some paid groups, Meghindo’s keeps some of the gifts in the store so you can retrieve the no matter when you joined the group.

Click below to join the in-world group and get your free Christmas gifts. If you get a chance, send Megs an IM to say thank you! I know she would definitely appreciate the love. Remember, the join fee is $500L but the value of the gifts are well over $4000L. Most of these looks were released in the past few weeks, so seriously you are getting them fresh out the oven at an OUTRAGEOUSLY low price (FREE!).

Join The Meghindo’s Touch of Sensuality Group TODAY:

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