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I’m Your Biggest Groupie!

Unlike the real world, being a groupie means something in Second Life. You get rewarded for stalking, er… I mean following, your favorite stores and designers. Notwithstanding any restraining orders or TOS violations, groupie love is the best love there is. It’s like one wild, massive orgy for everyone full of lovely clothes and fashion. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Seriously, with the increase in group allotments, now is THE time to become a groupie. If all that action didn’t get you hot, these group gifts will!

Look #1
Hair by Iconic
Dress by Chantkare (Group gift, 75L join fee)
Jewels by Ganked
Shades by !Faint/ Ladies Who Lunch (free, limited avail, Marketplace)
Skin by Rockberry

Look #2
Hair by lamb
Blouse by So Many Styles (Group gift)
Pants by Veschi
Shoes and Bag by YS*YS
Skin by PxL

Look #3
Hair by Posh
Dress by So Many Styles (FLF)
Stockings by Miao
Boots by Hoorenbeek (Group gift)
Skin by Mango, Mango

Look #4
Hair by Trico
Outfit incl. Shoes by Sweeter Than Candy (15,000 Member Group Gift)
Jewels by Imagen
Skin by Ffx

Look #5
Hair by Analog Dog (free, in-store gift)
Panty & bra set by Cupcakes (Group gift, 250L join fee )
Bed by Glitterati (Group gift, 500L join fee)
Skin by Inaya