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In Review: A-Bomb, Part I (clothing)

It’s sort of hard to review clothing from a store know so well and trust. But I just couldn’t let the chance go by to share some new fashions!  A-Bomb  is just one of those stores that does a little bit of everything. Awesome shoes (a review of some new releases is on the way). Great clothing. A place you can always TP into right quick and find something to suit your fancy.  

I particularly love their Unisex stylings. The deck shoes are my favorite but I am now in love with the polo shirts. Cute and fun to put on with your favorite pair of jeans, these stylish shirts work for both men and women. Check me out showing my Jets “green” pride….  

Hair by LeLutka | Jeans by love | Hat by Max Benavente | Earrings by Ryca | Skin by CandyDoll


Or rocking out in purple…  

Hair by Rock Candy | Jeans by love | Earrings by Ryca | Skin by CandyDoll


This special version of the Polo was made specifically for the Wear Gray Fair. If you didn’t grab it, so sorry :(.  But never fear. The colors above, along with so many more, are available in the A-Bomb stores  for only 100L.  

Hair by Little Heaven | Jeans by love | Earrings by Ryca | Skin by CandyDoll


If you are a freebiac like I am, A-Bomb is participating in the Twisted Hunt (until 9/30). In addition, they are taking part in the Silent Lion Troupe event, Horrorfest, and the ACS Makeover Magic 2010 (which I am involved in as well). And… they participate in HDH every Wednesday so be sure to check them out every week and grab cool fashions for only 69L.

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