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Works In Progress

Alright, so the past few months I have been toying with shapes. I have had numerous requests  for my shape– which is a no-no for me. So I decided to make a few that are inspired by my shape. I have two shapes thus far that are *almost* near completion. I say almost as I still have some tweaking to do some in some areas.  I do plan to have a third shape available for a special grand opening, but I won’t say opening of what, when, or where. LOL, I’m a horrible tease I know.     

As I showcase this week’s hair from Fab-U-Lous as well as sale fashions from Coquette [which is closing very soon and everything is marked to 50L], I thought it would be fun to show these “test” shapes. The shapes are vastly different, so be warned!  I have shown them with a variety of skins as well. Feel free to leave feedback if you wish. I think feedback from the readers would be super helpful, so I’m all ears. And of course, happy shopping!!   

Credits: All hair by Fab-U-Lous / All Clothing by Coquette   

Test Shape 1- Untitled   

Skin by Imagen | Earrings by Cailyn's Skin by Vive9


Skin by Vive9



Skin by Rockberry


Skin by Imagen



Test Shape 2- A Mighty Fine Amazon   

Skin by KA Designs | Necklace by Dark Mouse | Earrings by Cailyn's | Flip Flops by In Her Shoes (free)


Skin by Cupcakes | Manicure with Tattoo by Stellar (HDH)



Skin by Tea Lane


Skin by KA Designs | Flip Flops by In Her Shoes

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