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Okay, Gimme Another “P”

This time, P is for PACADI!

If you have not heard already, PACADI Jasha is closing its doors for an extended period of time.  According to the official notecard, “After exactly 12 month and 1 day the virtual brand PACADI Jasha will close it doors, unfortunately.”  The note goes on to cite RL conflicts as the main reason. Sad, as I really liked many of the items from this brand and even recently blogged about them

However, we can send Pacadi out with a bang. First, the PACADI Jasha Miracle Fashion Show will take place on Saturday, April 17th at 12pm on the PACADI Jasha sim. Second, there is a HUGE sale going on at the mainstore location. All of the PACADI Jasha clothes, accessoires, jewels, hair, etc. is marked down between 20-100L$. The new releases are slightly higher but are still a steal. And those Armadillo Plateaus shoes are just 100L!  Enough babbling from me; hurry on over to the sale. Be prepared for the lag, but its so so worth it! I totally suggest nabbing the very intricate and detailed pieces of jewelry out for sale. Be sure to check all the rooms.

Hair by PACADI Jasha | Necklace and Bracelets by PACADI Jasha | Dress by Orage Creations | Skin by Cupcakes (Genius)


Hair by PACADI Jasha | Top and Shorts by PACADI Jasha | Boots by vive9 | Necklace by PACADI Jasha | Skin by Cupcakes


Hair, Scarf, Top, Handbag, and Jeans by PACADI Jasha | Earrings by HCT | Shoes by Cherry | Skin by Cupcakes


Hair, Blouse and Shorts by PACADI Jasha | Earrings by Dahlinks | Shoes by Stiletto Moody | Skin by Cupcakes