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Sometimes It Does Pay To Be Quick

It’s Tuesday and I’m back, well sorta…

Alright I have been a tad slow with the blog posts. I have two ready to upload so I suppose I need to get on it.  But I had to jump on to share an awesome experience I had this afternoon!

I was home relaxing, cleaning inventory, and sorting through some new styles. A notice came across one of the model groups for a Quick Contests© from Look Elite Models. Now last night, the Model’s Workshop shared notice of these contests. It seems Look Elite always did these contest for their own models. Now they are broadening these contests to the entire modeling community. I thought it was an awesome idea when I read the notecard last night.  I knew I needed to dust off my Quick Pose Huddles and load in some new stuff. In time, I said. In time.

So when the notice came through today, I was excited and nervous. The sponsor of today’s challenge was Uzuri. As readers of the blog, you know I just love Bella’s designs and have featured them. But to walk a runway, with a unique styling, in such a short amount of time, I didn’t know if I could even do it. Plus I am TERRIFIED of SL runways. They don’t like me for some reason. But I had so much Uzuri in my inventory and I knew I could present Bella’s designs in a fun and stylish way– so I took the challenge head on.

Now everyone there, meaning all the other models, looked GREAT!! I mean fabulous. Some of the girls had excellent runway work and turned those corners like a pro. I was sorta pleased I didn’t trip, fall off, freeze up, or otherwise look bizarre.  HOWEVER (you know there is always something with me), on my last turn to leave I decided I wanted to just run off the stage. LOL, I mean who the hell does that on a runway? Just turn and run. Lawd have mercy! I cracked myself up from laughing so hard, plus I was out of breath. Once I got backstage and gathered myself, I knew for sure I had blown any chance at winning.

Speaking of winning, the prizes were 1000L (and who doesn’t need Linden) and 1000L worth of jewels from Uzuri. Not bad for a quickie event huh? Very generous I would say! Well all the models present– Pheo, Cinna, Talena, Mia, Rissa, Caffinelover, Misslove85, Laylah, and Dementia— walked and did AWESOME jobs in their styling and runway sets. If I forgot anyway, charge it to my bad memory.

Model posing one last time for the judge!

The time had come to select a winner. I, along with three other girls ranked pretty high. Pheno Karu,  Cinna  Button, and I will be forever known as the Crushetts!! You had to be there to understand, LOL. I was so shocked to be included in that group. I was even more shocked when I won!!! I just couldn’t believe it.  I had done a few runway/ styling contests before and placed marginally well. Never won anything though.  I was so tickled, excited, and shocked. My first contest win EVER in my three years in SL.  Below is the winning look I wore.

Hair by Sari | Skin, Clothing, Jewels, and Shoes all by Uzuri | Lashes by Kosh | Manicure by Skin Within

I will say the real winning prize for me was just the experience on the runway in a very low pressure environment. I appreciated the opportunity to have an agency head and agency staff on hand to offer tips and tricks, as well as being viewed by a well regarded SL designer. Special thanks to Laura18 Streeter, head of Look Elite Models, and her staffers Besty and Madeleine. They were all supportive and very excited to have us girls there for the Quick Contests©.

All the models looked lovely!

Also below are some new looks from Uzuri! Be sure to check out Bella’s shop for all her latest designs in clothing, shoes, skins, and of course …. JEWELS!!

Hair by Lebieja | Skin, Dress, and Earrings by Uzuri | Shoes by Kalnins | Lashes by Kosh
Hair by Exile | Skin, Earrings, and Biker Jacket by Uzuri | Corset and Skirt by +plus | Boots by Aoharu | Lashes by Kosh

5 thoughts on “Sometimes It Does Pay To Be Quick

  1. Thank you Khitten!
    A lovely post, and I’m glad you had a good time!
    Just a note, my role at LOOK is COO, the owner is Fia Boneto.
    She would have loved it too I’m sure 🙂



    1. Aww, thank you Sileny. I must admit my pictures didn’t do any of us justice. You would think I would take better pics with a blog and all, LOL. But truly all the outfits were just lovely!


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