Weekend Styles

The weekend is here!

It’s just something about the weekend that always lifts my spirits a little bit. And after this week, I definitely need a pick me up for sure. So below are a few looks to get me through the weekend and add a little cheer. What’s picking up YOUR mood this weekend?

Fighting Blues

Hat w/hair by Kiwi (Weekend Fever-Cyan) | Cowl Sweater by Kiwi (Weekend Fever- Cyan) | Denim Leggings by This Is A Fawn | Shoe Boots by Kalnins | Skin by Cupcakes

Fighting Despair 

Hair by Tekuteku | Scarf by Truth (Group Gift) | Outfit by Dernier Cri | Earrings by EarthStones | Snow Drift Boots by Kalnins | Skin by Cupcakes

Fighting Back 

Hair by boon | Tunic and Pants by DYN Clothing | Boots by Duh! | Gloves by Dollita (DU3) | Skin by Cupcakes