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Public Service Announcement

Oh my pixel friends, I need your help badly!

Please help keep ALL of Starlustland free of unicorns!!!! We can not allow such perversion to take control of the beloved Starlust and all its installations.

Please come show your support to keep the charm, wit, and delighful playfulness of Starlust and rid the sims of those icky and weird beasts!!

Join the AntiUnicorn Crew at our Headquarters, located in the playground in Anchor City. Tons of great freebies, many of which will help you join the AntiUnicorn Crew! Some will just help you look fabu  ^___^


I would be forever grateful if you join the AntiUnicorn Crusade today!

BTW,  if you are a member of the Starlust Motel Group, be sure to stop by the old church at the top of the mountain. Go there to plot your strategy to over take the ProUnicorn group or just to get away from the madness.

Until next time,

Kiss Kiss

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