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From My Lips: February 22

Hey Everybody!

Time for this week’s edition of From My Lips. Can I just say how much fun it is to do this weekly post? Of course I try to blog as often as I can, but its just something about this weekly post that gets me excited! I hope you find some benefit in it as well. Okay… so this week we will feature some great sale looks from Sn@tch; give another reason why it pays to join a group with So Many Styles; go green with a casual look from Honey Honey; and check out an oopsie that really isn’t from Ki2. I’ve made some hot cocoa, so won’t you have a cup and join me?

I Ain’t No Punk
I’ll be the first to admit that some things in life just are not for me. But I’ll also be the first to admit when I try something and like it. I guess its always about finding yourself in something and connecting with it– no matter how different it may seem.
Such is my love affair with Sn@tch. This weekend, Sn@tch is having a 50% sale to help her and ReTox! pay for a new sim. Well I know I did my part, he he.  I was able to pick up a pack of “so freaking real” silk tanks, a pack of billowy and sexy peasant tops, as well as a pack of Bardot Jeans. I  was geeked when I bought the deliciously dark yet somehow chic (yikes, can I say chic… what would Ivey say? LOL) Spellbound Skirts complete with skull belt. If it were not for that mean ol’ nasty lag monster, I would have purchased more.
Which just goes to show that I obviously” found myself” somewhere in Sn@tch and I guess since I am seen as “different” and slightly “alternative” in-world, maybe we are well matched after all :-).  Anyway, I’ve shown just a few combinations below, but there are more over on my Flickr page.   

Hair by Hiccup, Silk Tank, Skirt, and Belt by Sn@tch, Necklace by Kunstkammer, Manicure by Skin Within, Skin by Cupcakes
Hair by Old Gravy, Peasant Top and Jeans by Sn@tch, Shoes by Fuel, Skin by Less Than Three, Shades by Kalnins

Come Join The Party
If you are like me, you stay mad at LL. Not just because of all the rolling restarts or the missing inventory items or even the annoying ghosting. Nope, if you are like me then you are mad about group limits. I swear, the gazillion groups in SL and varied interests of all residents, you would think that LL would allow more than 25 groups per person. :SMH:, I just don’t understand it.
While there may be a good reason, it frustrates me nonetheless. Every few weeks I find myself swapping groups and hoping I don’t miss a critical update, or worse, an exclusive giveaway. Such was almost the case with So Many Styles. Cleaning out my notecards, I realized that I almost missed this adorable group gift. It was in the group a while ago, but during one of my swap outs, had to leave. Well, I swapped myself right back in ^__^.  This well done, babydoll dress was simply too good to pass up. Now this time, I am staying put and if you have space let in your groups, be sure to add So Many Styles to your list too.

Hair by Roge, Hair Veil by Crystal Line, Dress by So Many Styles (group gift), Necklace by Shiny Things, Skin by Cupcakes

This Was No Mistake
I love the folks over at Starlust and KiKi Cunningham is no exception. She owns the quiet and quirky store known as Ki-Squared (Ki2). I have shopped there since it beginnings, way before it moved to Starlust and KiKi continues to grow and expand herself as a designer. Her latest release, Strapped For Cash, is one she readily admits was not planned. You see, KiKi didn’t want to release it since it never really met her personally vision or expectation. But no one wants to ditch hours of work over an item; I know I wouldn’t. So instead she is releasing one color as her in store freebie (mint) this week and the other colors are on sale for 30L.
This top, with its frilly prim bottom and prim shoulder, has a very unique look. It can easily be worn with tailored jeans for a casual look or a pencil skirt for some added drama. I just chose to pair it with a pair of dress slacks from So Many Style and kept the color palette neutral. An easy way out for sure, but I liked the end result.
Personally, I love this stop (I m wearing the grey version below), even if it is flawed.  KiKi stated there may be small “imperfections” with the design, but I could not easily find them. Trust me, I don’t take a fine tooth comb to look at stuff. As long as the seams are lined up and color/ shade is good, then hey ‘I’m excited!’.  But for 30L, there certainly isn’t much to complain about.  Ki-Squared may call it “imperfect” but I call it perfectly unique!

Hair by Lelutka, Top by Ki2, Pants by So Many Styles, Shoes by Enkythings, Earrings by JUNK, Shades by Kalnins, Skin by Cupcakes

Enviro Style
On a recent trip back to Honey Honey (Uemachi), I found out there are two store locations. If you recall, I blogged about some adorable sets I found at Honey Honey a few weeks ago. So I was excited to visit this second location, which is in Uraharajuku, and find what I may have missed before. Boy, I missed a lot!!  Cute color corduroy mini-skirts, plaid/check shirts with prim collar and sleeves, and all-in-one skirt and pant jumpers .
But I gravitated to this off-the shoulder, striped sweater with prim pocket. It comes in several rich colors. Also available are coordinating, non-prim jeans. Think of it as a skinny jean, LOL. I must warn you that the sweater does NOT cover both nipples, which I am sure was designed as such. No never mind, just add your favorite tank or sweater underneath, as I did below, and you’re “covered”.
I’ll try to show some of my other cool finds in another post later on this week. But if you’re looking to do some leisurely and affordable shopping, take a tp on over to Honey Honey and check them out.

Hair by Roge, Sweater and Jeans by Honey Honey, Tank by Imperial Elegance, Shoes by Decoy, Jewels by Frangipani, Skin by Chai

As I mentioned earlier, Sn@tch is having a 50% off sale for this weekend only. So brave the lag monster and head on over to pick up some great fashion. Sole Sisters still has red and pink shoes and botos reduced to 14L, so head on over there if you still have some residual Valentine’s Day shopping to do. Lemanina Indigio has her weekly group freebie out now, so head over to check tht out! Hoorenbeck is having a weekend sale as well– 25% discount on outfits in the store. Artilleri is having a hair sale– a whopping 70% off.  Hurry your reto butts on over there and buy up the place! Lastly, VintageWear has released a new hair and a new freebie (an eyeglass themed necklace) in the eyewear shop.

I’m going for another cup of cocoa and get back to cleaning out my inventory. I’ve been a very bad girl ^__^.

Until next time,

Kiss Kiss

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    1. Ivey… you know Khitten always does Sn@tch style just a tad differently. I had fun taking the photos for the contest… but you all will have your hands full with picking someone!


  1. Khitten, your first capture with Sn@tch is so elegant, I thought you were wearing a dress I hadn’t seen! I also love how you present things in a positive, comfortable way (as opposed to a creepy-pretty mannequin). I look forward to seeing more of your posts. 😀


    1. Aww, what a great compliment Terry! Thank you very much. The look turned out nice as I was sooo lazy!!! The lag monster got the best of me. I was too exhausted and this was what I came up with!! Thank you for checking my blog 🙂


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