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Looking Low

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Hey fashion heads!

This past week has been great for grid fashion. Lots of new releases from top SL designers, such as Caroline’s (jewelry), Aoharu (clothes), and newness M&R Cupcakes (clothes and skins). The SL Jewelry Expo is chock full of frees, demos, and new items from the most popular and brand new designers.

My poor wallet is very, very light. Too much shopping and tipping. So I am keeping under the radar this weekend and on a tight budget. But that doesn’t mean the fun of shopping can’t continue, right?

I have joined a few of the MANY hunts going around. As you know, I dont get too excited about hunts anymore becuase they are usually lagged out and I get frustrated (LOL). But I had to share one or two with you. Fashion contines, even on the cheap :-)).

Here I am spotted looking for wonderful giveaways at the Magic of Oz hunt. As you can guess, there is a yellow brick road paved throughout the build. Try to catch appearing/ disppearing/ reapperaing red shoes. They are filled with goodies like clothes, jewerly, and other neat items. There are also green shoes that are filled with goodies as well. They don’t disappear.. they are just hidden in plain view. Buy them for 0L and skip off into the sunset.

Great poses all over the sim and I managed to snap a few. Check them out on my Flickr. Had a ball during this hunt and I will be back soon. I am not sure when it ends, so you best hurry down as soon as you can!

Other hunts include the SL Jewelry Expo and the Apple Hunt (Prim & Pixel).

Happy hunting… and wear those finds with style!

Until next time,

Kiss Kiss