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Chance Meeting: Aoharu Is Awesome

So here I am, wandering through each room of the Aoharu botiques. The dresses, skirts, tops… all so pretty and feminine. I’d been there before and I knew she had a new release.

Then this adorable AV passes me. I look up and to my surprise its Machang Pichot. YEA!!! I gush over her and I tell her much I adore her designs.

It is always a treat to meet designers in-world and even better when you have a chance to talk to them. Most of the designers I have met are genuinely wonderful people. But there were some that were ahem… less than receptive to friendly chatter. *Le sigh*

Ah well, thank goodness for folks like Machang. She sprung a surprise on while we discussed her newest release. I told her to check my Flickr page as I featured one of her many designs. She was so sweet and thanked me. She even posted a comment ; how cool was that!!