A Second Opinion

Candy: Sour Sop
Originally uploaded by Khitten

So out I was shopping on the grid– what esle is new– and I came across a A Piece of Candy. The designer sent out a notice on FashCon and I had to rush over to see what the commotion was all about. Cute items there and I picked up a few.

While shopping, I received an IM from the lovely owner Candy Enoch. She said she was working on a new photorealistic skin (Shelly) and wanted me to take a look at it. A skin at that. So I tried it on and gave her my initial thoughts.

As you can well it does have a nice texture and tone to it. Not too orange-y or reddish. A nice mix of red and yellow undertones. I preferred this color, as opposed to the other versions she had throughout her shop(will post those pics later).

I did inform Candy of the seaming issues along the arm/shoulder and the chest area. I need to do a “naked” full body review as well.

Overall, this skin (as well as the others) are worth checking out. The final products will sell for only 500L, which is comparable to other skins in SL. She has some of her earlier attempts for sale in her clearance area for 1L as well as the Shelly one I am wearing (1L on main level).