Khitten’s Fashion Picks

Fashion in SL is a cutthroat business with literally thousands of business hawking everything a fashion diva could want. So how does one begin to wade through all these choices? Easy… just read my blog. Seriously, with a little but of help and a fistful of lindens, style mavens can always be ahead of the curve.

High Stylin: I am truly a lover of high-end style both in RL and SL. While my RL closet is lined with a few “high end” designer wares, I more than make up for that in SL. One of my favorite “couture” designers in SL is Lux Yao. Her store, Amaretto (Isla Violetta), carries wonderfully made items– everything from casual day dresses to sexy frocks. My favorite from here is the Hear Me Rawr. Also, check out “Natasha,” with its lush olive color and prim belt detailing.

::mercury (Mischief Cove) is filled with exciting and ecletic styles. While the catalog is small, the style is BIG! Two of my favorites are the Valenica and the Amelia. Be sure to check the second floor for matching accessories including handbags, hair, and shoes.For fashion that is a bit more tame, hop on over to Indyra Originals (Namaste).

Indyra Seigo has done an excellent job creating sleek, sexy, and stylized looks. I sooo love her “Saison” outfit, which come in four different colors. It’s perfect for a day of SL shopping or a date with your cyber-love. Don’t forget to check the left rear of the store for her uniquely designed handbags! 

Old School: Sometimes, you have to go retro. When I feel like going old style glam, I head to Bossa Nova. I have just about everything Moire has created, so obviously I am a fan of her fashions. I totally adore the Carmen suit, with its brim hat and stylish flair. Also, the Bem Querer dress is a delightful wear and instantly makes me feel fun and flirty!

Midtempo Flow: Sometimes a gal (or guy) just wants to get dressed without all the extra fuss. I’ve got some great places that will help you look pulled together without too much stress or thought. First stop is the Hefferoo sim. Yes I said the sim, LOL. Too may stores to name but your first stop should be the infamous Vitamin Ci. Ciera Bergman continues to do outstanding work and her fan base keeps growing. With everything from bathing suits to casual wear, to men’s clothing– Vitamin Ci is an essential place for fashion divas. The Emma Collection is definitely casual cool at its best! My personal favorite of the moment? The Jolee, which comes in four colors or in a fat pack.

Also in Hefferoo are Bootylicious and Diva Style– both focusing on urban wear. Try Diva Style for some great sweat suits while Bootylicious sells very unique and ethnic hair designs, boots, and shoes. TorridWear (Port Searphine) is high on style and low on price. Although the catalog here is stagnant, if you have not shopped here before it will be a real treat! Torrid Midnight offers a great selection of sets, shirts, and jeans for 50L or less. I will admit I own just about everything in the shop, but my tried and true items are the sets– “Worn,” ‘Easy Street,” and “Funk.” 

Funky Diva: When I want to look funky and out of the box, I think of two store in particular. The first is BBBM, translated into Big Booty Big Money. With a name like that, you know the store HAS to be different. And indeed it is. With the fun use of colors and patters, the designs from Evelyn Edelman are distinctive and always thought provoking.

Grandma’s has some funky clothing– I mostly like the dresses. With old school floral patterns and colors, these designs here are definitely throwbacks. My favorite dress is the Retro Honey.

Veschi is a great place for electically shaped items. Alla Ruff has a wondeful way with using textures like woolens and colors like yellow and pink. Her store is absolute fun and when you wear her clothes you are definitely making  fashion statement!

One Last Note: A shop-o-holic would not be worth their weight in lindens if they didnt share a good find or two. I have a weakness for many of the Japenese designers. DP, EMA, YumYum are just a few of my favorites. To get a sampling of everything be sure to check out the Spring Sale, going on  at the Creators Pavillion– creatiors pavillion, creators pavillion (128, 126, 27). Nice bargins to be had and tons of stores to wander in and out of.

Until next time, happy shopping!